Inventropic is a combination of two words.

Invent :

1 : archaic : find, discover

2 : to devise by thinking : fabricate

3 : to produce (as something useful) for the first time through the use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking and experiment


Entropic :

1 : a phenomenological force resulting from the universe's statistical tendency to increase its disorder or randomness.

2. The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.

3. Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.


Earth exists in a universe that tends to become less organized over time. Invention is fundamentally the creation of organization. By inventing something from nothing, one organizes data and combats the entropic force.
Imagine the universe as water in a pan. If you move the pan, the water sloshes back and forth. If you stop moving the pan, the water eventually calms down until it is still. The universe and everything in it works this way. Everything in the universe is powered by the initial energy created by the Big Bang, or God or whatever you want to call it. From that, all else occurs. Gravity, magnetism, sound, light, and life all exist because of the energy from the big bang.

The Big Bang happened a long time ago. This is the equivalent to putting the pan of water down a long time ago. Since then, the energy of the universe has been steadily decreasing and eventually, like the pan of water, nothing in the universe will be moving or changing. Everything will be still and uniform, like featureless sand on a beach. This is the natural tendency of the universe.

We as creative beings can take the featureless sand on a beach and create order in the form of a sand castle. We have the ability to keep sloshing the universe back and forth as we wish. Only our lack of imagination and will power can stop us.